Q: What hours can I be there?
A: Access is 24 hours

Q: Where is the main entrance?
A: Main entrance for Allkonstrummet is via Hamburgsvägen 9. However the main entrance for the studio complex is at Hangövägen 18.

Q: Is there a wheel chair access?
A:  The wheel chair access is through Hangövägen 18.

Q: Can we park/load there?
A: Garage available via Andra Bassängvägen 8B, the height is 2.2 meters to the left and 2.6 meters to the right. You can access two lifts from the garage: dimensions for loading lift is 2.1 x 1.45 meters, height is 2.15 meters. Lift from Hamburgsvägen: 2 x 1 meters x height 2.2 meters.

Q: Is there a parking area?
A: Yes, the parking lots outside cost 105 SEK per day. Garage is not available for temporary tenants.

Q: We have larger or heavy loads. Is there an industrial lift and loading bay?
A: Docking bay available for loading lift on weekdays between 8 am - 4 pm. Note that the use of this lift should be arranged with one days prior notice.

Q: Is there a fire escape route?
A: Emergency: there are fire extinguishers and escape plan by all exits.

Q: Can you provide us with coordination and technical services?
A: Technical or coordination services cannot be provided by Allkonstrummet or Mossutställningar.

Q: Can we build things on site?
A: Yes, we even have workshops. There may also be services provided by in-house carpenters on request.

Q: Is it allowed to have a party at Allkonstrummet? 
A: Parties are not allowed unless you have written approval from Mossutsällningar.

Q: Where do we leave the keys?
A: Keys are returned into a key box outside Allkonstrummet, check booking details regarding the last hour for returning the key

Q: We would like to use other workshops. How can we book them?
A: Workshops are available at its own terms and conditions, please ask henrik@mossutstallningar.com