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Production Facilities

We have a wood workshop, a textile room, a colouring room with suction for strong fumes, washing machines for dying and a project space for working with larger scale works (42 sqm, 3 meters high)

The Wood Workshop:
  • Combination planer

  • Work bench

  • Band, Table, Circular, Mitre & Hand Saws

  • Bench pillar drill

  • Cordless drill

Rental price: 5000 kr/year, 1000 kr/month, 500 kr/day.

The Project Space: 42sqm, 3 meters high

Rental price: 750 kr/day (nonprofit project) 1000 kr/day (commercial project).

*The project room is provided free from furniture. 

The Colouring Room:

Rental price: 200 kr/day (nonprofit project) 300 kr/day (commercial project).

  • Main Entrance: Hamburgsvägen 9

  • Handicap Lift: street level from Hangövägen 18
    – then through to level 3

  • Garage: 24 H from Andra Bassängväg 8

  • Docking Bay: Mon-Fri between 8 am – 4 pm only.
    Tredje Bassängväg


If you would like to get more info or book one of our production facilities, please contact Henrik via hello@allkonstrummet.se or call +46 (0) 73 745 06 58.

For more info on our spaces visit