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Music & Performances

The room can be used for smaller concerts/performances with an audience of approximately 40 persons. 

Truss system for mounting lights, projectors, speakers etc. Black curtains installable in rails around the whole room. Acoustic panels installed in the ceiling insure a good environment for sonic work, which the curtain also helps. Some spilling of sound from the outside in. The ventilation is not customedized for mass enjoyment!

The room has:
  • 2 x changing areas

  • 3 lockers for pad-locks

  • 2 x make-up stations with adjustable lighting

  • Flexible fitting room mirror

  • Fully fitted pentry

  • 3 adjacent showers

  • Wi-Fi

Main Equipment:
  • PA system (2 speakers and one subwoofer)
    – RF cable to connect to mixer/phone/computer

  • Two extra speakers available on request

  • Projector

  • 4 x LED lights with 8 channel DMX control table

  • Extention cords

  • Ceiling platform

  • Ladder

  • 50 chairs

Power Supplies:
  • Adjascent: 1 x 16A 230 V trefas (IES 60309) three-phase electric power

  • Ceiling: 5 x 10A 230V enfas (3 x distributed, 2 x central unit)

  • Wall: 2 x 10A 230V single phase electric power distributed

  • Main Entrance: Hamburgsvägen 9

  • Handicap Lift: street level from Hangövägen 18
    – then through to level 3

  • Garage: 24 H from Andra Bassängväg 8

  • Docking Bay: Mon-Fri between 8 am – 4 pm only.
    Tredje Bassängväg

Other Available Facilities:
  • Wood Workshop: basic machines for cutting, drilling etc.

  • Textile Room: cutting, patterning, washing machine tainting

  • Colouring Room with ventilation suction for spraying

  • Garage for delivieries, parking lots on demand