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Allkonstrummet is frequently used to house exhibitions. The room has no daylight and is coloured with whites and has a pale beige floor. It has both daylight flourescents and spot lights as well as truss system for mounting lights, projectors or speakers. Adjascent is a pentry fitted to host audiences and production teams. The room can also be used to build larger works. There are workshops available on the premises.

+ 94 sqm: Appx. 10.46 x 9.02 meters
+ Height: 3 meters though punctured by a ventilation pipe where the hight is 2.6 meters
+ 8 permanently installed daylight fluorescent tubes
+ ERCO LED and halogen spotlights mountable in tracks
+ 4 x LED lamps with internal dimmer + small lighting control table 8 x DMX channels

Views from previous exhibitions

The room has:
  • 2 x changing areas

  • 3 lockers for pad-locks

  • 2 x make-up stations with adjustable lighting

  • Flexible fitting room mirror

  • Fully fitted pentry

  • 3 adjacent showers

  • Wi-Fi

Main Equipment:
  • PA system (2 speakers and one subwoofer)
    – RF cable to connect to mixer/phone/computer

  • Two extra speakers available on request

  • Projector

  • 4 x LED lights with 8 channel DMX control table

  • Extention cords

  • Ceiling platform

  • Ladder

  • 50 chairs

Power Supplies:
  • Adjascent: 1 x 16A 230 V trefas (IES 60309) three-phase electric power

  • Ceiling: 5 x 10A 230V enfas (3 x distributed, 2 x central unit)

  • Wall: 2 x 10A 230V single phase electric power distributed

  • Main Entrance: Hamburgsvägen 9

  • Handicap Lift: street level from Hangövägen 18
    – then through to level 3

  • Garage: 24 H from Andra Bassängväg 8

  • Docking Bay: Mon-Fri between 8 am – 4 pm only.
    Tredje Bassängväg

Other Available Facilities:
  • Wood Workshop: basic machines for cutting, drilling etc.

  • Textile Room: cutting, patterning, washing machine tainting

  • Colouring Room with ventilation suction for spraying

  • Garage for delivieries, parking lots on demand