c/o Studio Mossutställningar
Hamburgsvägen 9, 3rd floor
115 41 Stockholm, SE


c/o Hjorthagens ateljéförening
Skogvaktargatan 11
115 42 Stockholm, SE

Office Hours:
Monday to Friday, 10 am to 4 pm


Henrik Schmidt, 
+46 (0) 73 745 06 58


Getting here:

Allkonstrummet is situated inside Studio Mossutställningar at Hangövägen 18

The main entrance for Allkonstrummet is at
Hamburgsvägen 9, 3rd floor

Wheelchair access is through
Hangövägen 18



Take underground train No. 13 and get off at Gärdet. Take the exit towards Värtahamnen.

Walking from the underground station:

When you exit onto Värtavägen take a left, when you hit Tegeluddsvägen take a right and walk until you hit a crossing towards Finlandsparken / Värtans stationsväg. Walk through the tiny park and enter the walkway towards the ferries. On your right is a staircase which you may take unless you prefer the tunnel right after it. If you take the stairs walk straight on and on your right you will find Hangövägen. Take a first right onto Andra Bassängväg and then first left onto Hamburgsvägen.

If you opt for the tunnel: the tunnel leads you to a building, when you’ve walked down the stairs inside there is a staircase on your right that takes you straight onto Hangövägen. Hamburgsvägen is the parallel street behind the building in front of you, take Andra Bassängväg on the right of the building and then first left onto Hamburgsvägen.


* BUS:

76 to Hangövägen:

Walking from the bus station:

Hangövägen is a parallel street to Hamburgsvägen, walk down either Andra Bassängvägen or Tredje Bassängvägen and you will find Hamburgsvägen there.



Sjövägen to Frihamnen and walk from there: