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Exhibition: FULL MOON, Frédéric Gies

  • Allkonstrummet Hamburgsvägen 9 Stockholm, Stockholms län, 115 41 Sweden (map)

Nov. 30 (Opening), 17:00-22:00, Allkonstrummet
Dec. 6, 14:00-21:00, Allkonstrummet
Dec. 7 & 8, 16:00-21:00, Allkonstrummet
Dec. 12 (Closing), 15:00 - 21:00, Allkonstrummet

In this exhibition, Frédéric Gies shows his recent series of drawings. In these drawings, which resemble an ancient frieze depicting a pagan ritual in which fucking becomes meditation and dance, known and unknown organs become intensities shining through the skin and are the source of magical powers. New cartographies of the body becomes manifest. In several occasions during the time of the exhibition, Frédéric Gies will give his lecture “The anus doesn’t exist”, in which he looks at mainstream anatomy as a political fiction that conditions our experiences and movement.

Dance is Ancient is a durational event that places experimental dance and techno music at its center. It will take place from the 15th till the 19th of November in Gothenburg and from the 27th of November till the 18th of December in Stockholm. Conceived by Frédéric Gies around his most recent dance works, the event brings together other artists such as the Djs Fiedel, Johanna Schneider, Nadja Chatti and Dj City, the visual artist Anton Stoianov, the film director Gavin Youngs, the lighting designer Thomas Zamolo, and the dancers Anna Pehrsson, Samuel Draper, Pavle Heidler, Louise Dahl and Philip Berlin. It consists of performances, exhibitions, workshops and public space actions.

The aim is to create a space for experiencing and experimenting with alternative ways of moving singularly and collectively, with alternative forms of embodiment, presence and relations. Bridging dance and somatic practices with techno music and clubbing as well as direct action, it also reformulates the contract of the theatre/performance space by inviting to alternative modes of implication for the audience. In Gothenburg, the event is organized by Skogen and hosted at Röda Sten, Danscentrum and Folk. In Stockholm it takes place at Weld, Allkonstrummet and KTH R1 Experimental Performace Space and Presence Lab. In both cities, the event will close with a new dance performance by Frédéric Gies, in collaboration with Fiedel and Anton Stoianov, also called Dance is Ancient.

Earlier Event: November 29
Installation: Frédéric Gies