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Exhibition: Symbolon/Diabolon, Marika Markström

  • Allkonstrummet Hamburgsvägen 9 Stockholm, Stockholms län, 115 41 Sweden (map)

Nov. 3 (Opening), 17:00-20:00, Allkonstrummet

Symbolon (symbol) aims at bringing together separate things. To be a meeting place for objects at a distance from each other. A link between something present - the symbol - and something absent - the symbolized. The symbol creates meaning and links even within the spiritual life and the unconscious.

Diabolon, which is the origin of the word diabolical, means the opposite - to divide and destroy, but also to put together things that should be held apart.

The task of the psychoanalytical interpretation in this context is to place two elements which are either too close or too isolated from each other at an optimal distance that makes symbolization possible. In the first case, a deep cleavage repeals, in the second the symbol development requires an ability to distinguish between elements that are perceived mixed or identical.

When the symbol and the symbolized get more natural space in relation to each other the unconscious creativity expands. The symbolic transformations within the unconscious flow - a constant processing of impressions and experiences from the inner and outer realities - achieves a higher degree of complexity.

Earlier Event: November 1
Installation: Marika Markström
Later Event: November 7
Rehearsal: Begärets spelplats