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Exhibition: “That´s how it goes when people have too much spare time”

  • Allkonstrummet Hamburgsvägen 9 Stockholm, Stockholms län, 115 41 Sweden (map)

Oct. 14 (Opening), 16:00-21:00, Allkonstrummet
Oct. 15-16, 11.00-18:00, Allkonstrummet

A group exhibition with the artists Anna Johansson, Alexandra Larsson Jacobson, Simon Blanck and Lotta Törnroth. The exhibition explores the collection of fragments and material as a way to deal with your own history and the present.

Obsession, archiving, collecting, roses, tattoo,, pins, photography, ocean, sunflower, paper, projector, fabric, concrete, yoga, boats, years, hands, salt, the present, colour, dreams, women, sailors, hope, dots, death, mirror, sculpture, blue, prejudice, love, absence, hair, carpet, pronoun, video, green, nightmare, life, plaster, choices, light, forest, city, sorrow, cemetery, comfort, surface, ice, spaces, poetry, evil, windows, internet, exposure, idle time, lilies, group, time, travel, lonely, newspaper, sweat, notes, darkness, series, night, future, book, installation, storm, speech, cornflower.

* IMAGE ABOVE BY: Alexandra Larsson Jacobson, "Faith, Hope and Love", c-print dimensions 100 x 140 cm, 2016