Booking & Prices

All bookings are done via our coordinator, Henrik Schmidt.
For questions and booking, call or e-mail:

+46 (0) 73 745 06 58


Internal Tenant

Personal Project

Allkonstrummet: 300 SEK/PD

Internal Tenant on Commission

Non-Profit - Commercial Projects

Allkonstrummet: 500 - 750 SEK/PD

External Tenant

Non-Profit - Commercial Projects

Allkonstrummet: 1.500 - 2.000 SEK/PD


* VAT will be added when applicable.
* Insurance is included in the price, the tenant is liable for up to 5.000 SEK, the rest is covered by the insurance company. The claimant can claim up to 40.000 SEK without forced entry, up to 140.000 SEK with.
* DAILY RATES are for a 24 hour session between 8 am and 8 am.
* Reductions are at times given for longer rental periods, or to talented barters.
* Rent includes equipment and adjacent facilities (changing room, storage, showers etc.). The workshops (wood workshop, textile room, colouring room) can be rented on request.

Booking Policy

-1 day equals 24 hours (8 am – 8 am)
- Maximum booking periods:
* 6 weeks for arts projects
* 1 week for external commercial projects


- 2-4 weeks prior to booked date - 30% of total booking cost
- 4-13 days prior to booked date - 50% of total booking cost
- 1-3 days prior to booked date - 80% of total booking cost


- 2-4 weeks prior to booked date - 15% of total booking cost
- 4-13 days prior to booked date - 25% of total booking cost
- 1-3 days prior to booked date - 40% of total booking cost


On leaving the premises one must insure that the surfaces are cleaned, trash is thrown in its right place and equipment is inventoried and all keys are returned at the agreed hour. Failure to do so means the tenant is fined. Accidental damages to inventories or parts of the premises are included in the insurance above a value of 5.000 SEK. Costs below that amount will be charged to the tenant accordingly.

- Delayed Key: 100 SEK per day
- Leaving the space in a mess: minimum 1.500 SEK
- Missing Inventories:
* Extention Lead: 500 SEK
* Projector: 5.000 SEK
* PA System: 5.000 SEK
* Mirrors: 3.000 SEK per section
* Photographic Backdrop: 1.000 SEK