A room for all the Arts


In the inner parts of a studio complex hid this transformable room for all the arts. Easily accessible from Hamburgsvägen 9, the room welcomed artists and audiences from all walks 2016-2018. Allkonstrummet was run by the non-profit organisation Mossutställningar with the aim of facilitating artistic productions and public presentations.


The room has white walls that can be covered with black curtains. Mounted three meters high are lighting systems: ERCO spotlights with tracks, fixed daylight flourescents and a ceiling wide truss system for theatre and film lighting. The floor is made to accommodate dance rehearsals with a wooden sprung floor, mirrors can be rolled in and mounted on the wall.


Showers are easily accessible in the corridor outside Allkonstrummet and so are workshops for wood and textiles. The following is included in the rent: PA system, projector, photographic back drops, 50 chairs, LED lights and control table and a basic set up of cords.


Photographic back drops can be installed via the truss system. The shooting depth is approximately 10 meters. Adjacent to the room is a fully fitted pentry that can be divided to house a fitting room including two make up stations. Here is also a storage space where valuables can be locked away.


Photographs by Henrik Tindefjord


The room has been developed by Lorena Wessel. Special thanks to Studio Näv, Nick Ross, Lo Kauppi, Malin Elgán, HIC CUP and La Vida Lo Cash and Joanna Nordin for contributing their knowledge to the making of the room.

Allkonstrummet wouldn’t have been possible without the support from Stockholm City Council.

Sponsored by Träullit AB, Sportgolv AB, STIGA Sports AB, Rölunda GårdERCO.


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